We use experience to bring efficiency in foreing trade, using integrated management to reduce costs and providing competitiveness and profitability to our clients.


TRJ Comércio Exterior Ltda. was born from the entrepreneurial partners’ vision that perceived a demand for excellence in Import and Export coordinating services, thus promoting international business.

Our aim is to provide integrated management of all steps of Importation and Exportation, pursuing reduced costs, thus increasing our customers’ competitiveness and profitability.

Currently, in addition to the headquarters in Natal/RN, we have a commercial office in São Paulo/SP and a warehouse in China.


Thinking of an integrated management in foreign trade, we managed to reduce costs and make processes more assertive for greater competitiveness and profitability of your business.

Import and

We work from market research to hiring international transport, going through all phases related to import and export so that your business is highlighted.

Experience in
foreign trade

Our team has the necessary experience in the foreign market, providing advice, accounting and taxation to make the process much clearer for you to achieve your goals.


Thiago Rosado Rodrigues de Mattos Junqueira

Business administrator, graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Postgraduate in Foreign Trade from Schneider & Associados in Pernambuco, working in the international market since 2010. He has extensive experience in advising national and international companies to import or export products that are essential to their main activity.

Rodolfo Maia Rosado Cascudo Rodrigues

Accountant, Specialist in Controllership and Auditing, and Master in Accounting Sciences from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. He has extensive experience in accounting and tax matters, working in Foreign Trade since 2012.



With structure and specialized professionals, we are able to develop an integrated work, considering since the market research by a suitable and reliable supplier outside the country, negotiating prices and purchase conditions, coordinating international logistics and customs clearance, until the delivery of the goods at the destination end indicated by the customer.

Competitiveness in all markets

Our company works to fulfill customer needs concerning export, conducting the prospecting of potential buyers, conducting the entire negotiation process, and ending with monitoring the transport of the goods so that it reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Your products from Brazil to the world


  • International market research;
  • International advice on fairs and trips;
  • Finding the proper tax classification of products;
  • Identification of special requirements and permission involving Brazilian and International authorities;
  • Feasibility and costs study;
  • Clients registration in the Brazilian Government Import and Export System (Siscomex/Radar);
  • Assistance on international negotiations;
  • Monitoring of goods shipment schedule and transportation;
  • Document analysis according to Brazilian standards and regulations;
  • Assistance in international bank transfers;
  • International freight hiring;
  • Clearance of goods in the Brazilian Customs;
  • Monitoring of cargo arrival at final destination.